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The Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park and Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary bring you an exciting evening of Culinary desert delights in the greatest place on Earth!

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October 19, 2019

6:30pm - 9:30pm


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The Moonlight Over the Mound Gala brings together those who enjoy and support local, desert foods, who appreciate indigenous culture, who celebrate local artists, and who are passionate about historic preservation and archaeology. Be a part of a group of people who appreciate philanthropic sponsorship, support cultural history, and own businesses in the greater Phoenix area.

Connecting Phoenix’s Past to our Future

The Museum connects visitors to the rich cultural heritage of the O’odham and their ancestors, the Sonoran Desert people (Hohokam).  This archaeological site -- and only National Historic Landmark in Phoenix -- serves as a living legacy to the ingenuity of the ancient engineers that created a canal system that formed the foundation for thriving villages and our modern urban environment in the Salt River Valley. 

This October, Pueblo Grande Museum is celebrating its 90th Year of Passion for Preservation.  Please join us!


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